Somali Vulnerable Actors (SOVA) is a non-profit organization



Somali Vulnerable Actors (SOVA) is a non-governmental and Non-proift organization that provides protection and assistance to vulnerable communities in southern and central Somalia. Here are some of the ways SOVA provides protection programs for vulnerable communities:

  • Protection services: SOVA may provide protection services to vulnerable communities, including women, children, and the elderly. These services may include physical protection, such as providing security escorts and setting up safe spaces for vulnerable groups. SOVA may also provide legal and psychosocial support to help vulnerable individual’s access justice and recover from trauma.
  • Humanitarian assistance: SOVA provides humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities affected by conflict, drought, and other crises. This may include providing food, shelter, and healthcare to those in need.
  • Education and awareness: SOVA conducts education and awareness campaigns to promote the rights of vulnerable communities and raise awareness about issues such as gender-based violence, child protection, and human rights.
  • Community mobilization: SOVA works with local communities to mobilize them to protect vulnerable individuals and groups. This may include training community members to identify and respond to instances of violence or abuse.
  • Advocacy and lobbying: SOVA engages in advocacy and lobbying activities to promote policies and practices that protect the rights of vulnerable communities. This may involve working with government officials, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to promote laws and policies that support vulnerable communities.