Somali Vulnerable Actors (SOVA) is a non-profit organization




SOVA  is running and administering Kurman community MCH in Bardera district and 10 main villages which has 3 satellite villages and Rage Ceele community MCH which has 4 main villages and 3 satellite villages under each static facility, Belethawa 6 Villages and 3 satellite villages under each village and all SOVA health and nutrition facilities are health and nutrition integrated facilities which serves as preventative and curative measures.

For health facilities we received limited and helpful support from Jubaland MOH drugs and for the nutrition sites all our areas of intervention are identified gap, we are only conducting monthly screening and sharing the information with nutrition sub-cluster Gedo Region our monthly updates.

SOVA currently running 2 (Two) mobile teams which covers 8 main villages  and there are satellite villages that comes under the main villages in Bardera district by providing accessible, affordable and essential health care to  population and host communities in Bardera villages where people are remote from health service and there no new crisis but people are still victims of recent drought followed by floods and we don’t receive supplies from UNICEF or WFP but using our own means of serving these vulnerable IDPs and host communities.