Somali Vulnerable Actors (SOVA) is a non-profit organization



SOVA Organization provides a range of education programs for vulnerable communities in southern and central Somalia, with the aim of improving access to quality education and promoting literacy. Some of the education programs provided by SOVA Organization include:

  • Formal education: SOVA Organization supports formal education for vulnerable communities, including primary and secondary school education. This includes providing school supplies, textbooks, and teacher training to improve the quality of education.
  • Non-formal education: The organization provides non-formal education programs for vulnerable communities, including adult literacy classes and vocational training. These programs aim to improve literacy rates and provide skills for income-generating activities.
  • Girls’ education: SOVA Organization recognizes the importance of girls’ education and provides programs to promote access to education for girls. This includes providing scholarships, building girls-only schools, and community outreach to promote the importance of girls’ education.
  • Education in emergencies: The organization provides education in emergencies, such as during conflict and natural disasters. This includes setting up temporary schools and providing educational materials to ensure that vulnerable children do not miss out on their education.
  • Community engagement: SOVA Organization engages with communities to promote the importance of education and encourage community involvement in education programs. This includes working with parents, community leaders, and local authorities to promote education and address barriers to access. 

The education programs provided by SOVA Organization are crucial for vulnerable communities in Somalia, where access to education is limited. These programs aim to improve literacy rates, provide skills for employment and income generation, and promote overall development and well-being in the region.